is a widely used steroid that helps you gain muscle and strength

Steroid action on body weight

Increased interest to the drug by bodybuilders and other athletes has generated a lot of rumors and negative information to the address of this steroid. In many publications, which today can be found on the Internet to actively talk about the toxic activity of methane and its harmful effects on the human body. Nevertheless, anabolic activity of a given substance is usually drastically underestimated.

However, despite all the negative reviews and reviews the facts, as they say, are stubborn things. A huge number of people taking methandrostenolone, on their personal examples proving that this anabolic steroid had a significant effect on muscle weight gain. The average rate of the drug is 6 - 8 weeks and during this time, your weight may increase by 10 - 12 kilograms. Weight gain occurs through hypertrophy of muscle fibers and most importantly because the body begins to retain liquid.

However, we must not forget about the so-called withdrawal or rollback phenomenon. It means that after stopping taking steroids, a person may eventually lose from 2 to 4 kilograms of gained weight. However, this process is very individual, there is not at all, depending on the characteristics of the organism, and the literacy rate of the drug.

Standard dosage

Dosages and characteristics of the drug among athletes are very different. It depends on the individual cycles, which weightlifter or bodybuilder build muscle mass and preparing for the next competition. Typically, the daily dosage is 2 - 4 tablets. Experts have warned that the main thing in this case is not to overdo it and do not try to increase the dosage over time by the “pyramid” principle. This can lead to the manifestation of withdrawal syndrome and a serious harm in health.

Side effects

The negative attitude of many serious athletes for steroids methane group is connected with the fact that these drugs have some serious side effects. This can appear in aggravated forms in athletes who use Dianabol for a long time in large uncontrolled doses.

Action of Methan

The most frequent adverse effects that accompany the use of steroids include allergic reactions, heartburn, indigestion, heart palpitations. Nevertheless, the most negative factor - a negative effect on the liver. The drug contributes to the stagnation of bile, and thickening of the liver cells. In standard clinical picture at the end of the cycle, the situation will stabilize, but experts recommend further encourage the body and undergo hepatoprotectors and cholagogue.