is a widely used steroid that helps you gain muscle and strength

Combined cycles

Serious sporting success usually achieve those athletes who prefer the combined rates of hormonal steroids. If you find a chart of products that fit your body - a great result will not take long!

Brilliant effect can be achieved when you combine the use of methane with Deca steroids. But to use Dianabol together with the Anadrol 50 is not worth it, because in their properties, these drugs are quite similar and may eventually come back to haunt the effect of habituation.

If in addition to gain muscle mass you want to buy the power in your body, combine reception of Dbol with Oxandrolone or Winstrol in tablet form.

Very effective are Sustanon or Testoviron in a dosage of 250 mg per week, or deca durabolin 200 milligrams per week.

Very often, the athletes begin a cycle of methandienone taken during preparation for a competition. In this case, it is recommended to combine it with drugs such as Parabolan, Winstrol, Masteron, as well as Oxandrolone.

The dosage of methandienone for women

Experts say that the use of methandienone by women is highly undesirable. In the female body the active steroid causes masculinization processes. But despite this fact a large number of athletes, sports achievements put at the forefront, and wanting to achieve tangible results, begin administrating this steroid.

The standard dose of methandienone for women is 2 - 4 tablets daily. The average duration of the cycle - 3 - 6 weeks.

If you exceed this dosage increase in muscle mass will be much faster, but will be felt the presence of large amounts of androgens in the body. The women will receive the following adverse effects: pronounced hair growth on the face and all over his body, lowered voice tone, disruptions of the menstrual cycle. That is, the athlete will lose their natural femininity and can acquire serious health problems.

The use of Dianabol - from myth to reality.

Over the years of existence of the market has had time to appear a lot rumors and myths associated with use of methane. First - scary stories about the terrible consequences that lie in wait for young athletes, who decided on the use of this steroid. Nevertheless, do not take seriously the stories about suddenly liver dump, or hairfall and other horrors. Typically, the negative side effects of Dianabol observed on the uncontrolled and prolonged use.

There are a number of myths dealing with directly, the very process of steroid use. Moreover, here is where you need to be especially careful, because if some of the existing fables simply amuse its ignorance, others can cause your body serious harm.

Cycles of Dianabol

Myth number 1 - Do not swallow, and absorbable

It is not absurd that sounds, but many distributors methane recommend that their customers do not swallow the pill, and it slowly dissolve under the tongue. Give reason for this is as follows - without falling into the stomach a drug is absorbed into the bloodstream through the mouth vessels and thereby causing less damage to your liver. In reality, the picture is quite different. Liver - a kind of filter in your body and it is sure to receive the same dose of a drug, which has got into the blood.

However, in some cases, it is in the absorption of the steroid doctors insist. Such an appointment due to the fact that part of the drug goes into the blood vessels through the mouth, and hence there will be less exposed to collapse gastric juice. Nevertheless, there will be the same effect on the liver, no matters, how tablet was administrated!

Myth number 2 - "methane cocktail" in veg oil

The content of this myth is very similar to the previous one. There is a theory that Methandienone dissolved in a small amount of vegetable oil, it enters the blood, avoiding the portal vein, but this again reduces the load on the liver. Nevertheless, as we have said above, the liver does not care how the drug enters the bloodstream. It absolutely does not affect the load, which steroid has on this vital organ. Although a certain amount of fat again allow steroid subjected to less destruction of the gastric juice.

Myth number 3 - methane combine with lunch

The instructions that came with the steroid, said that drug use is recommended before taking the meal. And here's another legend of methandienone states that if the methane intake causes unpleasant pain in the abdomen, you just need to start using it with food.

That this last myth is the most dangerous for your health. In the event that causes pain methandienone reception cider, your body signals that it uncomfortable, so, steroid intake should be stopped immediately! Plus, the reception of the drug together with food will slow its entry into the blood, and therefore, the process of accumulation of muscle mass will be slower.

In addition, most importantly, remember, most of the drugs are not tested, and are often not truthful information walks among the townsfolk. Therefore, before the use of any hormonal steroid, please read reliable sources of information about it and consult with competent experts.